Why We Are Running For Local 73 Office

Vote for Members Leading Members in October!

Members Leading Members has very exciting news to announce! Future SEIU Local 73 President, and Members Leading Members candidate Remzi Jaos will be on the ballot! The election committee has reversed their decision and have now declared him eligible.

After months of fighting for our rights under Federal Law to hold elections and run for union office, we won the right to the election, and to have Remzi as our candidate for President!

Last night our Slate attended the candidates' forum where we learned about the timeline of the election. Ballots will be mailed to your homes on October 2nd. Please watch your mail for the ballot and vote for Members Leading Members!

On to win the election and to build Local 73 into the democratic, powerful union that you deserve!

Our mission has always been to hold contested elections and vote the out of town trustees out. They have abused our membership long enough with bad service, lousy contracts and unreturned calls. The trustee from Wisconsin, Palmer, lied to our members over and over at every membership meeting saying that she would not run for President of our Local, only to turn around at the last minute and do just that, run for President.


Palmer was handed control of a tiny Healthcare Local in Wisconsin and started paying herself $160,000.00 per year on top of the over $100,000.00 the International is paying her to be Trustee of Local 73. The International is also paying for her housing in the Gold Coast of Chicago and for her car. In a sneaky move in July, Palmer got the International to waive the 2-year membership requirement for her and the other trustees. This waiver was done before any Local 73 members were notified by the Election Committee that the two-year membership requirement was changed to a six-month membership requirement! One person is collecting two salaries to do two full-time jobs and not doing either job right. We deserve someone dedicated to our members full time. Wisconsin SEIU members deserve the same. Leaders should be measured by their results, not by their loyalty to the International.

This after she already terminated nine members of the Union staff to eliminate her competition and then changed the Union Bylaws to ban certain Union Staff from running for office altogether!

Our members proved to be too smart for Palmer’s tricks and formed the Members Leading Members Slate to give you a choice for better Leadership.

We are running to give you strong representation at your workplace, better contracts and raises, and to make sure your calls are returned promptly, and your questions are answered!

Our members have suffered long enough under the weak, do-nothing leadership of the out of town trustees.

It’s time for Change. It’s time to take our Local back!

Make sure to vote for the Members Leading Members slate when you get your mail-in ballot in October.  

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