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Remzi Jaos, the leader of Members Leading Members and candidate for President of Local 73, has fought for members for over 27 years.

As the Higher-Ed Division Director, he has negotiated 19 master contracts with wage increases ranging from 3% to 30% per year.

For the past 10 years, Remzi grew the Higher-Ed Division at Local 73 from 2,600 members to over 4,000 members by negotiating residual titles into existing contracts, resulting in thousands of members gaining higher wages and collective bargaining rights.

His mission is to hire the best representatives possible and give all the members of Local 73 the same opportunity: stronger contracts, higher wages, and solid representation.

  • Remzi Jaos conducted the first strike in Local 73 in over 30 years with UIC professionals, resulting in higher wages for over 800 members.

  • Remzi also negotiated contracts for city colleges, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Argonne National Laboratories, Governor State University, as well as first contracts for Loyola and the University of Chicago faculty.