A. Bashir Nuruddin

I come from a family with strong union values. My father worked for forty years supporting our family as a machinist. Growing up, he told me and my siblings that we should find a good job and work hard at it. For him, and later, for me, that always meant a union job. 

What I learned as I got older is that good union jobs are becoming harder and harder to find as the constant assault against labor has followed me from my home state of Wisconsin under Scott walker, and now to Illinois under Bruce Rauner. This is why I work in the labor movement and why for the last six years I have done everything I can to bring new members into Local 73 as an external organizer and leading campaigns as a Lead Organizer.

I know that the rights that we in Labor have fought to win are under attack and if we don't fight back strategically and with an eye to the future we will lose everything in the face of threats to our existence. To win that fight we need to commit not only to organizing our fellow members but to organizing new members to build strength. We can win against Bruce Rauner and "Janus". We can win against Donald Trump.