Alistair "Rob" Greenidge


I became a member of SEIU in late 1999, working for the district of LaGrange in the custodial/maintenance department for over 18 years. I served as a union steward in 2005, by assisting my district before being elected as chief steward in 2010.

I always believed in fair treatment and when it comes to unfair treatment, I always step up to help resolve unfair treatment. I want to protect members from management and their unfair treatment. That’s why I need your support in this election. Assist me in doing what’s right and handling what’s wrong in a strong, proper manner.

The reason why I became a member was to personify my co-workers in their concerns and multiple objections. I was also part of 3 successful 5 year negotiated union contracts. I was the voice of the employees unto the employers, by pointing out and resolving various problems.