Members Leading Members Newsletter Volume 4

Dian Palmer's out­-of-­town­-trustee slate BUSTED!

BIG WIN for Members Leading Members Slate - Feds order rerun of election!

The US Department of Labor has overturned the results of the internal officer elections at SEIU Local 73 due to misconduct committed by the Dian Palmer slate.

This means that there will be a new election held soon and supervised by the Department of Labor, and the members will get another chance to vote for their union leaders.

Palmer sent out a misleading email stating that a staffer in her executive board had misused data and had now resigned. Palmer tried to trick the members into believing that she did not know what was going on with her own campaign staff. It is impossible to believe that Palmer and her cohorts were improperly receiving data, such as phone numbers and emails to use to get votes, without having any idea that data came from. Anyone can see that Palmer is lying to deflect the blame from herself to a scapegoat!

The Palmer Out-­Of-­Town Trustees' Record of Incompetence and Corruption

Let's recap what Dian Palmer and her out-of-town cronies, with the help of the international union, have done to your union in the past three years:

  • Terminated ten of the most experienced representatives, thus leaving you with no-one to negotiate your contracts, represent you against management, and answer your calls.

  • Changed your bylaws, taking away democratic rights such as the right to vote for dues increases, the right to have membership meetings, and the right to be involved in the operation of your union. 

  • Dian Palmer lied to the members repeatedly by saying she would not run for president only to turn around and do just that.

  • After Dian Palmer became president, she gave herself a salary of $166,000 per year as well as well as giving four other individuals 6 figure salaries, violating her own changed constitutional bylaws, which require for the executive board to set her salary.

  • Dian Palmer has proven that she cannot make important decisions when it comes to representing the members negotiating their contract. There are countless contracts still open, some as old as two years. Members need an experienced negotiator that knows what they're doing.

  • For three years, members have seen disastrous decisions made by this leadership, such as giving Toni Preckwinkle $2,500,000 to run for mayor of Chicago, knowing full well that Toni Preckwinkle as president of Cook County, subcontracted the work of our members at Cook County Hospital, and has practically closed Oak Forest Hospital. Now that Preckwinkle has used your money in a mayoral race and lost, she is introducing legislation in Springfield to cut 4,000 of our Cook County members' pensions!

  • Dian Palmer in her email to you last Thursday talks about transparency and integrity. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything that she has done points towards cheating, lying, and self-dealing, and there is no integrity in that.

Palmer and her cronies are the problem.

The Members Leading Members Slate is the solution.

Members Leading Members slate is comprised of rank-and-file members just like yourself who work and know the pain of living from paycheck to paycheck, and expect their union to be there for them when they need them. Our promise to the members is that we will fight very hard to negotiate the best contracts possible and represent you against your employer.

Our slate fought hard to give you elections and a choice. We have fought hard to save your union and knew that Dian Palmer's slate cheated on the election, only to win by 370 votes. We filed charges with the Department of Labor and now they have ruled that Dian Palmer's slate did cheat and are ordering a new election.

This will be your last opportunity to vote these out-of-town trustees out of office before they destroy your union! They have proven in the past three years that they do not answer phone calls on time. They want you to negotiate your own contracts and file your own grievances, while they are free to collect six-figure salaries and benefits, and still solicit you for more political contributions to give to individuals like Toni Preckwinkle, who has hurt our members. 

Let's vote the out-of-town trustees out and take back our union!


Join the fight for a better future!

Members Leading Members is comprised of rank-and-file members just like yourself, living paycheck to paycheck.

In order to run a successful campaign against Dian Palmer and the out of town trustees backed by the international union, we need donations for campaign literature such as mailers, emails, paper, ink, and much more.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take back your union and service the members by empowering them to determine their own future.

Every penny you donate will be used to educate members through campaigning about our union.