Election Update: Please Donate!

Election Update: 06/29/19

The department of labor has ordered the out-of-town trustees to have new elections within the next three months due to the fact that they cheated in last year's election. Members Leading Members has fought in federal court to bring you true democracy and a choice.

For three years now, the out-of-town trustees have run the local into the ground by negotiating substandard contracts and not representing the members the way they deserve to be represented. This is your final stand to take back your union from liars, cheaters, and self-dealing individuals controlled by the international union. Please donate $20 to the cause and help us cover the cost of yet another election.

Join the fight for a better future!


Members Leading Members is comprised of rank-and-file members just like yourself, living paycheck to paycheck.

In order to run a successful campaign against Dian Palmer and the out of town trustees backed by the international union, we need donations for campaign literature such as mailers, emails, paper, ink, and much more.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take back your union and service the members by empowering them to determine their own future.

Every penny you donate will be used for member outreach through campaigning about our union.