Elections are still coming up for Local 73 starting on October 16th!

Dear Member,

By now you should have received by mail a document titled “OFFICER NOMINATION AND ELECTION NOTICE” from SEIU Local 73.

You have received this document because the election is being re-run by the U.S. Department of Labor due to the illegal actions by Dian Palmer’s slate in the 2018 election. Members Leading Members fought hard to challenge her illegal actions and ultimately, we were successful in getting a new and fair election.

Please read this important document carefully.

Starting October 16th, 2019, you will have the opportunity to vote by mail-in ballot for Members Leading Members.

For the past three years, Dian Palmer has run the union into the ground by not representing you, and as a result a record number of members have decertified due to frustration. As members leave, the union becomes less effective for everyone else.

Local 73 members have given Dian Palmer a chance for three years and she has failed them by lying, cheating, and self-dealing.

Most members will put up with a lot, because they understand the big challenges faced by unions, but members draw the line at their leadership lying and cheating. Dian Palmer has lost the trust of the membership of Local 73. To date, Palmer has taken no responsibility as a leader for her former executive board member that cheated in last year’s officer election.

This is your opportunity to show Dian Palmer that you will not be disrespected and that you demand better from your union leaders.

Members Leading Members is a reform slate made up of members just like you, fighting for strong contracts, powerful organizing, vigorous member representation, and an aggressive political program. You have the chance to stand up for the union you deserve. You have another opportunity this October 16th, 2019 to vote for Leaders who you trust and will fight for you.

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