Deborah Williams

I became a member with SEIU Local 73 in 2014, as a Medical Assistant at the Cook County Health and Hospital Systems.   Prior to working at Cook County, I worked in several positions within the medical field that were not unionized.  Seeing firsthand how workers were treated, prompted me to want to fight for the rights of all our workers and especially unionized workers would did not understand the power they were fortunate to have by being Unionized.

Since becoming a Union Steward I have been instrumental in helping my co-worker with having their voices heard.  I am very proud of our Union and the role I play within it.  My union ties started early in my life.    Growing up in Chicago and being a daughter of a proud labor union member.  It prompted me to want to be involved with my Union from the very start of my career with the County. 

I understand the importance of every employee knowing their rights, and understanding the concept on what is needed to have a strong and successful union. This is why I am running for Vice President of SEIU Local 73, so I can help successfully chose to fight for the rights and fairness for all workers and employees within Cook County and throughout the Union.