Don’t let Diane Palmer and the out-of-state trustees run our union into the ground as they’ve done to the Wisconsin Healthcare Local!

  • All Diane Palmer cares about is how much COPE contributions Local 73 Members pay. In Wisconsin, she was accused of falsifying members’ signatures in order to artificially inflate COPE contributions for the international.

  • Diane Palmer enjoyed a $155K salary in 2014 while Wisconsin workers were struggling to provide for their families.

  • Diane Palmer has also been cited by the US Department of Labor for poor recordkeeping practices and failure to keep receipts on various expenses.
    (source: US Department of Labor, LM File No. 512-476)

  • If this was not enough, the out-of-state trustee Diane Palmer, in the past two years, has collected a second six-figure salary from the International Union to run Local 73 into the ground!

  • Almost every unit we visited has one horror story or another about the trustees and what they’ve done in the past two years.

    Members have told us how phone calls have been unreturned, grievances haven’t been properly handled, and inexperienced negotiators were mishandling their contracts.