Gloria Alvarez


My name is Gloria Alvarez and I am a 26-year employee of Catholic Charities Head Start program. I became a member of Local 73 when we organized in 1999. I have been part of every contract negotiation. I was elected as a steward after our first contract and serve as the Chief Steward.

I have organized Healthcare workers, registered voters and mobilized for rallies. One of my proudest moments was helping to organize a large rally for a co-worker on Ottawa Street in Joliet. The huge turnout of members and the community inspires me to this day.

I am running for the Vice President at Large position because I believe you need better representation. Our phone calls are never answered and you, my brothers and sisters, cannot get help from a Local the refuses to send reps to help you. We need a union that is accessible and fighting for all members.

I pledge to do everything within my power to make sure we never forget that all of us working together, we will win. Our votes matter. Vote for the Members Leading Members slate. We are fighting for you and your right to democracy.