Gloria Alvarez

I have worked for Catholic Charities Head Start program for over 25 years.  I became a member of Local 73 when we organized in 1999. I have been part of  all of our contract negotiations since then. I was elected as a steward after our first contract, have been a former Executive Board member, I am the current  Secretary for the SEIU Central States Latino Caucus, I am an Executive Board member for the SEIU International Latino Caucus.

As a member, I have been part of important and exciting events like: helped organize Home Healthcare workers in Seattle, voter registration and GOTV, attended rallies, and many other Leadership trainings.  One of my proudest moments was helping to organize a large rally for a co-worker on Ottawa Street in Joliet and had a great turnout of members and community people. 

We need a union that will fight to improve our standard of living and I pledge to do everything within my power to make sure we never forget all of us working together, we will win.

Members Leading Members is the power an I am ready to do my part to make it happen.