James Gahagan

My name is Jim Gahagan.

I have worked for Waukegan Public schools for 31 years. I have been a union steward for 18 of those years. There have been two huge steps that have been accomplished in those years. The first was removing three school board members that tried to outsource our custodians. We removed these board members and replaced them with three individuals who treat us fairly and with respect. 

The second accomplishment was also huge. We removed Aramark, formerly Servicemaster, custodial contracting services completely from our district. This is something I would never want to see come back because there is always fear of contracting custodians’ jobs. 


I love challenges and I hate it when our bargaining unit brothers and sisters are treated unfairly. I may be the bad cop but there is a reason why I've never lost one grievance ever in my 18 years. 


You, the members of Local 73, deserve the best representation possible and if elected, I will make that happen.


In Solidarity,

James Gahagan