Merle Herren

I work at District 131. My start in organized labor began in 1985 with membership in the ACTWU, at the age of 19. Since my start, I have been a proud member of the labor movement and have been honored to spend time with the BCTGM, IBEW, UFCW, and now SEIU Local 73!

As a union steward, I have witnessed the need for strong contracts and strong representation for our members. A vote for the Members Leading Members slate will assure that our Union will be accessible and accountable to all!

Our members deserve the best contract negotiators and business representatives. When we are elected, our plan will include training of Local 73 staff and members, hiring of new staff where needed. We will fully support staff and members in their respective duties.

We will take all of the necessary steps to ensure that our members are represented strongly, from the beginning of the grievance process up to and including arbitration.  Your employer will become very familiar with your Representatives. We will expect them to visit regularly to maintain effective communication.

Your vote matters! A vote for the MLM slate assures that your voice will be heard, AND answered!