Diana Avila

Diana Avila.jpg

You, the members, have a right to a strong, democratic union that can win job security, fair pay and great benefits. Winning great contracts doesn’t mean anything if we don’t have a union that will enforce your rights. You deserve a union that will provide the best representation possible.

I feel like I would be a great candidate for executive board member, due to the fact I have been at First Student and Bellwood school district 88 for 29 years. I have been in local 73 Union for 10 years, I have paid my dues by giving full support along with participating with union meetings & events. I’m honored to say I am a union steward for two years. I also serve on the negotiation committee. Local 73 is my heart and soul.

I joined Members Leading Members because I believe in our promise to provide powerful representation because we know your struggle first hand. Please vote for our Slate so we can begin the work of building a stronger union for you!