Ron Lee

I started my union career with Local 73 as a Warehouse worker with Chicago Housing Authority.  I was a Union Steward and progressed to Chief Steward with Chicago Housing Authority.

As Chief Steward, I was on the Bargaining Committee and helped Negotiate Contracts for the Unit. SEIU Local 73 noticed my dedication to the union members and the work of the union that they offered me the position of Union Representative in the Higher Education Division.

There, I negotiated several contracts and helped achieved Pay Equity for the workers in Higher Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I worked in Higher Education for six years before moving to the Chicago Public Schools and Chicago Park District, which I have now worked with schools and parks for over 13 years serving workers of SEIU Local 73.

My continued goal is to represent and defend the interests of our fellow workers  and members as a Labor Union Representative.