Summer Alexander

Summer Alexander.jpg

I have worked for Chicago Public Schools since 2001 and currently work for Chicago Public School. I have a vision to lead and advocate for all members.

I am prepared for a challenge that will benefit all. I am interested in serving all members.

In reviewing my qualifications and talking with members. I, firmly believe I meet or exceed the requirements and have more than a working knowledge of what it takes.

I have been working with local 73 Union for several years now. It is important for me as a Steward to continue to represent the members as best as I can and present a powerful voice that counts for ALL. When we work together, there is little we cannot accomplish.

In the past year alone, I have visited several schools and parks and received over a thousand new membership cards, and surveys, over $1000 or more in cope, recruited over 20 new stewards, had over a thousand conversations with members, leadership conferences, budget hearing, several membership meetings events, several actions participate answered questions for members etc.