Members Leading Members Slate is predominantly comprised of rank and file members.  Who are or once were Union Stewards and Union leaders at their respective work sites and have joined together to fight to save our Local.  Collectively, we have many years of experience organizing, empowering and representing members.  This leadership team has firsthand knowledge on what many of our members’ needs are and if elected we intend on addressing those needs.

Our 4 point plan outlines how we intend to restore transparency, collective bargaining power, respect, and most importantly member involvement and pride in their Union. 

In order to restore Local 73 to legitimacy and set a new standard of effectiveness, members need a team with a plan.

Negotiate strong collective bargaining agreements.
Our members deserve the best and brightest contract negotiators working for them to protect gains they have worked so hard for, and negotiate stronger future contracts with the best wage increases and benefits possible. When we are elected, it is our plan to train Local 73 staff, hire new staff where needed, and fully support staff in these duties by providing them with Local 73 resources.

Effective unit representation.
We’ll take the necessary steps to ensure that members are represented properly, from the beginning of the grievance process up to and including arbitration.  We will put the full force of the Union legal team to work for you. We will hold Representatives and Organizers accountable to return members phone calls within 24 hours.

Internal and external organizing.

  • External Organizing.
    Externally, we should be working every day to organize the unorganized.  It is essential to our continued strength and power as a strong Union to grow.  Because, if we are not growing we are slowly dying.  This is what we believe is currently happening, their is no urgency to grow our Union and the Members Leading Members Officers will not continue this practice which is deteriorating our strength by neglecting this most important aspect of our Union.   Union Leaders will go to bat for groups and individuals vulnerable to management manipulation, working tirelessly to organize these workers. 

  • Internal Organizing.
    Internally, we’ll work to ensure member awareness about Janus, a Supreme Court case that if confirmed, would make Fair Share dues collection illegal and drastically damage the power of unions in fighting for workers rights, pension and benefits.  What will this change in the law mean?  Some workers in your work site will not be required to pay Union dues and the members who do pay Union dues will be carrying workers who do not pay any dues but receive the same benefits as those members who paid to be Unionized.  How long do you believe members will pay for workers to get the same benefits as they do but pay nothing for them.  Probably not very long.  It is one of the most damaging pieces of legislation in the court system out there against worker strength.  We’ll leverage all of the power of Local 73 to ensure members are educated and organized to confront this critical Supreme Court decision.  It is imperative that we engage and mobilize our members to take action against this and other threats to workers.  We will train and work with member leaders and stewards to build power at each and every work site.  Under the direction of the leadership each Division will be responsible for :

    • 1) developing a communication plan and network so that all members, if they are so inclined, has the information available to them so they can know what is going on in their Union.  This plan will include membership meetings, modern technology (twitter, Instagram, etc.), work site specific literature, regular work site visits  and more.  

    • 2) engaging, developing and training members and member leaders to build strength at their work sites.  

    • 3) build in accountability measure so staff understand that members are the most valuable resource the Union has and the importance of respecting them.

  • Political Engagement.
    Our union is predominately city, county, municipal, and state workers. Therefore, we will engage in rigorous political advocacy at every level in order to educate our members about campaigns that are labor friendly. This means having a political director and a lobbyist to advocate on behalf of our members full-time both in the Chicago land  area and downstate.

  • Community involvement.
    We’ll be actively involved community advocacy efforts, leveraging the voice of the Local to be a positive force for a range of causes.   Committees will be developed for members who are interested in these causes which, include fighting for immigration rights, support for Black Lives Matter, and our continued fights for women and LGBTQ rights. Although this is an extensive list of battles, our members will have our utmost support in taking care of their needs and priorities.